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Cloth Diapering Overnight

Overnight diapering can be a whole different ballgame and may be a source of frustration for some moms. Many tend to experience leaks at night more than during the day with babies waking up crying because they’re wet. Usually, what works during the day may not work at night—unless you’re changing your baby through the night as well – which is the case with newborn babies. 

The big thing with nighttime diapering is absorbency. You need to do increase the absorbency level of your diapers with extra inserts or doublers since the diaper will be subject to an extra amount of pee. If you normally use one insert during the day for your pocket diapers, you might want to try 2 or even 3 at night, or use bamboo inserts instead for a trimmer, yet more absorbent option. Our Econappi diapers are a popular choice for night time diapering. If you use AIO’s during the day, and you’re finding your baby in a puddle of pee at night, try adding an extra insert or doubler. 

Still leaking? Switch to fitted diapers, prefolds or flats & covers. This 2-part system is usually a bullet-proof combination, especially if you add extra hemp or bamboo inserts/doublers into the mix. What makes this system work so well is because the entire diaper is absorbent instead of a localized wet zone that you’ll have with pocket diapers or AIO’s. 

OMG. What’s up with the smell?? You may find that the diapers smell a bit more in the morning when baby wakes up. This is to be expected since the diaper’s been on baby for much longer. However, if the diaper smells extremely offensive to the point that it makes you gag and there’s no poop in it, it might be a sign of a bigger problem that involves issues with your washing techniques. Check out our Stinky Diapers page for more info.