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Wholesale Information

Everything you need to know about becoming a Blueberry Retailer

Interested in selling our products? Fantastic! We love working with online baby stores, specialty kids’ boutique stores, and health food stores who are dedicated to carrying the best baby products in the world. And for us to make sure we're a match, begin by following these three steps: 

STEP 1 Read through all the information found on this page.

STEP 2 Fill out the form below and hit "submit".

STEP 3 Wait for the confirmation email. In it you'll receive additional information about our Wholesale Program and how to apply to become a retailer.

Excellent! We look forward to getting to know you.

Why work with us? Because we offer…

» Innovative, easy to use, and eye-catching products that we’re constantly revising and improving to make our customers happy.

» We’re diligent about revising and improving our products to insure we're meeting our customers needs.

» Easy online ordering.

» Deep inventory levels allow us to ship most orders within 48 hours or less.

» Wide selection of cloth diaper styles, reusable diapering accessories & feminine hygiene products.

» Retail packaging & marketing materials (available upon request).

» Woman power! We are a female-owned and family-operated since our start in 2005.

» We talk the talk, and walk the walk. Mom-designed. Mom-tested. Made in the USA.

Are we a good fit?

To make sure we'll succeed together, we look for the following in our potential retailers:

You're cloth diapering savvy.
Have you personally used cloth diapers? Super. Do you already sell other cloth diapers? Great. From our experience, cloth diapers are such a niche/specialty item that it takes an experienced user to be able to properly sell them and make educated recommendations that will benefit customers.

A strong company with a proven sales record.
Do you already have an established clientele? Great. For online stores, your site needs to be up, fully functional, and available for us to review. For brick and mortar stores, we require a verifiable address.

Willingness to invest in your business.
If you're excited about our products and are ready to invest in product inventory, we encourage you to apply! We look for retailers who are serious about their business and hell-bent on success. Our most successful retailers are those who stock up.  Our minimum opening order is $3,000

We're not a good match if…

You want to stock a few products to see if they’ll sell.
We've found, time and again, our retailers don't succeed when they can't meet customer demand for our products. We're committed to our retailer satisfaction, and our policies set the stage for this to happen. If you’re looking for a drop-ship vendor, sorry, that's not us.

Your business is in the planning or "start up" stage.
Congrats on the new business! While we're not a good fit today, we'd love to learn more about you after you have at least a few months under your belt. We're rooting for you. Do, stay in touch.