Dealing With Diaper Rash

Most babies will get diaper rash whether they use cloth or disposable diapers. Though they typically get it less with cloth diapers, it still happens. While changing your baby frequently helps in preventing diaper rash, there are other things that may be beyond your control that can cause your baby to get a rash. Before you start slathering diaper cream all over baby’s bottom, see if you can identify first what’s causing the rash: 
  • Teething or sickness: there’s not much you can do other than keep baby comfortable. Use diaper cream to protect the skin. 
  • Reaction to new foods: this rash is usually localized to redness or blisters around the anus. Introduce new food one at a time so you can easily identify which ones cause your baby to have a rash. Change baby frequently. 
  • Detergent or chemical sensitivity: this rash is spread out over the entire area that the diaper touches. Examine your washing routine to make sure you don’t have detergent residues building up in the diapers. Strip the diapers if needed, or change detergents. 
  • Yeast: yeast rash is typically persistent and may sometimes require prescription anti-fungal ointments. After baby gets over the rash, consider sanitizing your diapers to prevent recurrence.   
  • Staph infection: this will look like pus-filled pimples with red rings around it. See your pediatrician for help in treating this condition. After baby gets over the rash, consider sanitizing your diapers to prevent recurrence.   
  • Wetness or poop sensitivity: change baby more frequently and see if it helps. Also consider using fleece-lined pocket diapers or using a fleece liner as a wetness barrier to baby.
Diaper Creams

Before you go out to the store to pick up a cream, do a little background research to make sure it’s cloth-diaper-friendly. Most commercial diaper creams that contain petroleum or mineral oils will coat the fibers of your diapers and will cause them to repel water and leak. If you need to use a diaper cream, look for those that are safe for cloth diapers that rinse out easily with regular diaper laundry washing.

If you do decide to use diaper creams, we suggest using a liner when doing so. Make sure to wash the liner separate from the other diapers so that residue is not deposited onto other items.