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How It Works

Blueberry & Me is an online, cloth diaper "pop-up shop" where a select number of prints, or items in limited quantities, are launched sporadically. These prints are usually exclusive to the site and stock will usually not be replenished. Once they sell-out, they're gone. To get the best experience from this site, follow these instructions below:

1. Sign up for our mailing list. This way, you're notified as soon as new stock goes up.

2. Wait for our announcements via email when new designs and diapers are added to the site.

3. Get ready to shop!  Note: Leaving diapers in your shopping cart doesn't "hold" them. Only after your order is processed are the diapers you want 100% yours.

It's that simple!


Why not have the prints available forever and through all your retailers around the world?

We DO do that though Blueberry. My intent with Blueberry & Me is to make the print designs that I love, without having to meet the many financial and manufacturing margins necessary to sustain that kind of business. This model allows me to be creative, and keep production manageable.

What's the difference between buying diapers here vs. from Blueberry or any authorized retailers?

The diapers here are made exactly the same as our regular line available at Blueberry or any of our retailers. The difference is that prints that are sold here will only be until they sell out. After that, they're gone for good. So if you find a particular print that you like here, don't wait! All US orders ship free.

Can you give more information about each diaper style?

We share some information on each individual product page, so start there. To learn more about each diaper style, please visit the Blueberry website where there is a wealth of information about cloth diapering, our products and practices.