Nautical Vibes


I know it’s only JUST spring, but summer is already on my mind. With a family of six, a business to run, and being land-locked in Tennessee, the opportunities to get the beach are few and far between. That’s why I put all my memories of ocean holidays into May’s Nautical print. A deep navy blue, with starfish, tug boats, nautical flags and sailboat wheels—you can almost hear the sounds of fog horns.

So while I continue to figure our how to take that family getaway, I’ll dream of sailboats, light houses and the surf crashing. Sandy towels, finding treasures on the shore, and wind blown hair. Lots of giggles, catching up on reading, and going to sleep much earlier than I imagined I could drift off.

Anchors aweigh!

PS. Did you know that looking at the color blue actually boosts creativity? Research shows that we associate it with ocean, water and the sky—the color blue encourages us to think openly and in new ways. Hummmm, maybe a beach holiday could be the perfect excuse for a business trip...

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  • Margarita McClure