Mermaids are the new black!

It's official. Mermaids are the new black. No, really, Mermaids have edged out Vampires in popular culture. Specifically, for girls. This is why I created a pattern celebrating the romantic, girly water legend. 

The resurrected fascination with Mermaids makes perfect sense, too. Their mysterious qualities capture our daughters' (and our!), imaginations: They can live in two worlds, see into the future, and love humans. They're independent, use song to mesmerize, and pick their own mates. A perfect feminine action hero. I mean, even their tears have the power to protect sailors when they are at sea. remain tears are aquamarine gemstones, and can save seamen who've fallen overboard. Super hero material for sure.

More proof? My daughter, at age 6, is still obsessed with The Little Mermaid—and I love my Starbucks.

These living breathing underwater humans also celebrate the sea and romance. Corals and aqua have always been a favorite color combination of mine. It can be soft and romantic, and bold and graphic. With summer right around the corner, we're celebrating girl-power, and the more dreamy aspects of our daughters, with our Mermaid diaper.

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  • Margarita McClure