Put a fox on it!



As a creative entrepreneur I fancy myself an independent thinker. But in all honesty, I'm not immune to trend: Vampires, Green Juice, Chevron everything... and most recently, foxes! Foxes have been a decor trend for a few years now and they haven't really left—they're foxy that way. And I love it. Don't you? 

While there's something comforting about the stately home and Hunt Country lineage of the sly fox, they're also super cute. Naturally graphic with their streamline body and pointy ears, their fluffy tail and cat-like ways make them cuddly, too. Foxes are a perfect choice for a limited edition diaper print. 

And did you know, much like us, they're good parents?! Vixens (female foxes) reproduce once a year, averaging 6 pups a year, and stay  together as a family for 7 months. The vixen protects her pups with surprising loyalty. CHECK! They're solitary creatures, just like new parents. CHECK! And foxes are creatively playful. CHECK!
Foxes, they're just like us.

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  • Margarita McClure