Hippo & Friends

What I love about the hippopotamus is their contrast. They're rough, and strange. Strong and fierce. Yet, pig-like—rotund, cute and oddly enough, lovable. But make no mistake, hippos are are aggressive animals. Much like human mommas, the females protect their calves fiercely. Who could blame them! And UNLIKE human mamas, they mark their territory by defection. Yup. Hey, maybe this is where the idea for Hippo & Friends diaper was born?!

For this subdued print, I went the cute and lovable route and paired the graphic hippos with other African animals. Recalling the hippo ballerina from the Disney classic Fantasia, the George and Martha book series, even Tasha fromThe Backyardigans, I paired hippos with alligators, elephants and fish. I even included a shape considered for this month's Tribal print. In the wild, hippos stay cool in the heat by staying submerged in water. Not your babe, though. This is a Blueberry & Me Diaper. We'll have none of that soaking in wetness business.

PS. Speaking of no-leaks, did you know that when a hippo sinks completely underwater, its nose and ears automatically close so that no water seeps in?

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  • Margarita McClure