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Strong graphic prints are always eye-catching to me. You too? You might have noticed in stores all over, Target to Anthropologie to Nordstrom, the tribal trend is HUGE this summer—and not commonly found on diapers. But I don't see why they shouldn't don the bottoms of babes. This is where I began.

When I was designing Tribal, I thought a rustic-toned diaper was fitting—considering Pantone's 2015 Color of the Year is Marsala. Using irregular shapes would reflect a free-spirited, authentic style that's equally appealing for boys and girls. The result is a gutsy print. My boldest yet. I was influenced by Cave Drawings in the Southwest US, through Javanese Batik, this splashy pattern is for future global nomads, and the already wild at heart.

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  • Margarita McClure