Puppies & Kittens


When I sat down to write about this month’s print inspiration, I started to play favorites. I wondered which print I liked more: Kittens or Puppies? I couldn’t choose! They’re both babies. But I wondered if my indecision was based on not knowing if I was a cat person or dog person. So I did a simple web search: “Am I a cat person or dog person?” The sheer amount of articles and quizzes that came up to help me find out was astounding. After a minute or two—okay, ten—I closed Google overwhelmed, but in that time I was able to take-in some fun facts about both cats and dogs:

Did you know…

  • Dogs dream like people, and small breeds dream more than large
  • They’re as smart as a two-year-old baby
  • Puppies are born blind and deaf
  • It’s not abnormal for dogs to eat feces
  • Dog’s only have sweat glands in their paws
  • Dogs have a “sixth sense”

Did you know…

  • A cat’s brain is more complex than a dog’s
  • A cat’s brain is more complex than a dog’s
  • Their short-term memories are pretty good
  • Cat domestication began in China 5300 years ago
  • Cats can be allergic to humans
  • They can’t taste sweet things AND they’re lactose intolerant
  • Purring doesn’t necessarily mean their happy

Fun, right?!

I still don’t know if I’m a cat person or dog person, or if I like the Puppies print or Kittens print better. In my web search I also read the comment “We like the animals that we love.” Well, I love them both —the animal AND this month’s prints. I hope you will too.

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